Polk Healthcare Foundation

Polk Healthcare Foundation

The Vision of Polk Healthcare Foundation is: To serve as an ambassador in uniting the citizens of Polk County, Georgia, and as a liaison with Polk Medical Center toward the common goal of fostering and promoting quality health care in our community.

The Mission of the Foundation is: To address the health care needs of the Polk County community at the grassroots level and to drive charitable fundraising to address those needs in cooperation with Polk Medical Center.

The Goals of the Foundation are to:

  • Be responsive to health care issues in Polk County.
  • Provide feedback, support and charitable fundraising to address health care needs in Polk County.
  • Promote and support Polk Medical Center in providing quality critical health care access to the residents of Polk County by providing ongoing financial and community involvement.


For more information about Polk Healthcare Foundation, call 706.509.3294 or email us.

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